At Oxford High School, we have a glass classroom. Such a cool space deserves a cool name, so I asked our superintendent, Dr. Jeff Goodwin, if he could think of one. He cleverly named it “The Glassroom,” It is stocked with flexible seating, interactive screens, iPads, a Kloud-12 Classroom camera and microphone system, and standing desks. It is designed to house the most innovative lessons in the _________. We are in the process of filling in that blank. Initially, we were thinking school but that seems a little less than adequate considering our ambitions. Why not world? You know what they say about expectations, the higher they are the more you achieve. Well, we can officially fill in the blank with more than school at this point because the other day we went outside the walls of our campus and brought in a 6th grade class from C. E. Hanna co-taught by DeShanna Hudson and Ashley Laymon. By the way, big thanks to C. E. Hanna principal Clint McCall for helping organize this! This allowed Oxford High School teachers to observe a C. E. Hanna lesson. The Glassroom allowed us to conduct this observation in a unique way.

Pictured here you see Oxford High School teachers observing a C. E. Hanna 6th grade lesson. Our teachers were able to see and hear the lesson without interrupting the class. The glass allows people to see in, but the students cannot see out. The observers can hear but are not heard. Teachers can talk to each other during the observation without disturbing the class. Pretty cool, right. We think so.

At the end of the lesson, our teachers were able to meet in the Connection and debrief. Here you see Oxford High School teachers talking to Ms. Laymon, a special education teacher from C. E. Hanna. These were powerful conversations. The content-heavy secondary world was able to connect with the engagement-heavy world of an ele-middle school! And the cool thing is, it happened in the Connection.

After the lesson, the C. E. Hanna students were able to tour our Career Tech Center.


They were able to check out Steve and learn about our our Health Science Academy.


They were able to check out our Engineering lab and learn about that Academy.

So needless to say, it was a great day! It was awesome hearing the C. E. Hanna students talk about the Health Care and Engineering fields that they were interested in and the opportunities that await them at Oxford High School. One student in particular was fairly adamant about the fact that he was planning on becoming an engineer. Good for him! We were able to let him know that in Oxford City Schools we’re ALL here to help him on that journey. Equally as promising was the comments we heard from our teachers after having observed the lesson. It was obvious that they too were looking forward to opportunities as well. Opportunities and “Connections” that await in the Glassroom.