Our Go B.I.G. O Goals (Before I Graduate) are going up in the College Building. All of our seniors are writing down an individual academic goal that they can achieve before they graduate in May. Each month, we will check in with any Senior who has achieved their Go B.I.G. O Goal. Once verified, we will cover their goal with a gold circle. The YET will turn gold as more and more goals are achieved. In addition to being a powerful visual, it has given us a great opportunity to discuss goals with seniors. This has also made our one word vision, YET, increasingly relevant.

We want our students to be leaders of their own learning. Our students must be able to set a goal, break that goal down into chunks, and know what to do when they get stuck. We asked them to come up with an individual academic goal that they could achieve this year. We set this deadline because we want to celebrate the success along the way of students achieving goals. Our school’s hashtag for celebrations is #GoBigO so it made perfect sense to name these our “Go Big O” goals and use the word Big to stand for Before I Graduate (B.I.G.). As our students achieve these goals, we will celebrate the accomplishments by placing a gold Go B.I.G. O circle over the goal. As teachers, staff, administrators, and counselors walk by this each day, it will serve as a powerful reminder of the reason we are here in the first place, which is to help young people reach their goals.