Innovation: From Idea to Implementation

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Tom Kelley defines Innovation as people creating value through the implementation of new ideas.
Last year, I had an idea. Actually, I had a lot of ideas. But one of them that just kept jogging around in my mind was to find a way for teachers to produce beneficial content that they could share with […]

Me too!

I am a reader. I know a lot about reading and in turn a good bit about stories. So how did I miss the six word story, Baby Shoes?

“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

All I can say is… Wow. The author of this story took six words and absolutely blew me away. In only […]

Building Leadership Capacity

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I was blessed to serve as Head Football Coach and Athletic Director for 13 years after serving 5 years as an assistant football coach. I have always loved football and owe a lot to the sport for the impact it has had on me. One of my favorite coaches is Tony Dungy. I had […]

Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry

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Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry 
I love learning about leaders and leadership. A few years ago I served as an adjunct professor at Jacksonville State University and taught a Football Coaching Principles class. One of the sessions was on the history of defenses. While preparing for that class and studying the 4-3 […]