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We have slots available for the Oxford Middle School Instructional Round on Wednesday, April 12 and Oxford High School on Thursday, April 13.

Taking Your Lesson to the Next Level

A key skill that will take your lesson delivery to the next level is the use of Opportunities to Respond. There are oral (SPEAKING), written (WRITING), and action (SIGNALING) responses. In this post, we will discuss the types of opportunities to respond and the benefits and potential problems with each. We will take a look at how to effectively use OTR and ways in which this supports our instruction of reading specifically.

Using Depth of Knowledge to Build a Winning Game Plan

Have you ever wondered what is on the play sheet that Lane Kiffin has with him on the sidelines during the Alabama football games? I can tell you what he has on there. Touchdowns. Well, not touchdowns literally, but he has plays on there that when called in the right situations, at the right […]