Classroom Management

Simple Solutions to Classroom Management

Easy seems to be everywhere. Staples has an easy button. Countless businesses on television offer easy payments. It seems that simple sells. When it comes to classroom management, I'm not buying it. I can't help but think back to the "So simple a caveman can do it" ads by Geico. Well, some things are not simple. They require a professional. Such is the case with classroom management.

3 Tools for Promoting Responsible Student Behavior

Do you ever wish there was more that you could do to help your students behave responsibly? I have been researching this topic for a little over two years and have found some useful tools. I have read books such as Explicit Instruction by Anita Archer, The First Days of School by Harry Wong, […]

Classroom Management Solutions: Moving Beyond the Cliche

Have you ever been told about the "class from hell"? What about the "bad group"? Maybe the "kid who I think lives out of district and should not be going to school here anyway." I, like many, have been guilty of using these descriptions while explaining a challenging classroom management situation. I no longer use these tired, often inaccurate, and certainly too general expressions. This is because I was introduced to STOIC while learning about CHAMPS, a program of Safe and Civil Schools.