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Strategies To Increase Student Engagement

In this edition of Ten Minute Clinic, we will take a closer look at an Explicit Instruction lesson delivery technique, Opportunities to Respond. We will specifically look at Partner Responses, which is an important lesson delivery technique that will help you reach your instructional goals of helping students to become increasingly respectful, responsible, resourceful, and highly engaged in instructional activities. Partner Responses can be especially helpful in the area of student engagement.

Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry

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Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry 
I love learning about leaders and leadership. A few years ago I served as an adjunct professor at Jacksonville State University and taught a Football Coaching Principles class. One of the sessions was on the history of defenses. While preparing for that class and studying the 4-3 […]

Taking Your Lesson to the Next Level

A key skill that will take your lesson delivery to the next level is the use of Opportunities to Respond. There are oral (SPEAKING), written (WRITING), and action (SIGNALING) responses. In this post, we will discuss the types of opportunities to respond and the benefits and potential problems with each. We will take a look at how to effectively use OTR and ways in which this supports our instruction of reading specifically.