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Plan, Do, Study, Act: Thoughts on Implementation

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“Enthusiasm is highest in those who are learning and achieving” is a quote I will always remember. It was written on the door of one of my high school classrooms. Years later, I returned to my old high school to find that the door had receieved a fresh coat of paint, yet if you […]

Using Depth of Knowledge to Build a Winning Game Plan

Have you ever wondered what is on the play sheet that Lane Kiffin has with him on the sidelines during the Alabama football games? I can tell you what he has on there. Touchdowns. Well, not touchdowns literally, but he has plays on there that when called in the right situations, at the right […]

Classroom Management Solutions: Moving Beyond the Cliche

Have you ever been told about the "class from hell"? What about the "bad group"? Maybe the "kid who I think lives out of district and should not be going to school here anyway." I, like many, have been guilty of using these descriptions while explaining a challenging classroom management situation. I no longer use these tired, often inaccurate, and certainly too general expressions. This is because I was introduced to STOIC while learning about CHAMPS, a program of Safe and Civil Schools.