The Glassroom

At Oxford High School, we have a glass classroom. Such a cool space deserves a cool name, so I asked our superintendent, Dr. Jeff Goodwin, if he could think of one. He cleverly named […]

Find Your Button

Last year, I remember standing outside the front door of Oxford High School helping load cases of Coca-Colas that had been sold for a prom fundraiser. Several teachers had gathered to help in this […]

Have you read this…yet?

Our Go B.I.G. O Goals (Before I Graduate) are going up in the College Building. All of our seniors are writing down an individual academic goal that they can achieve before they graduate in May. Each […]

4 Keys to Successful Student-Led Conferences

A Student-Led Conference is a meeting with a student and his or her family and teachers during which the student shares his or her portfolio of work and discusses progress with family members. The […]

We had a great week!

Wow, what a week. This week started out with me personally celebrating my daughter, Halaya’s 16th birthday with a surprise party at Hubbards.

Guess who else turned 16 this week, OHS student Cruz Skinner.


Cruz was […]

Innovation: From Idea to Implementation

Tom Kelley defines Innovation as people creating value through the implementation of new ideas.
Last year, I had an idea. Actually, I had a lot of ideas. But one of them that just kept jogging […]

Me too!

I am a reader. I know a lot about reading and in turn a good bit about stories. So how did I miss the six word story, Baby Shoes?

“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

All […]

Alabama Best Practices Instructional Rounds Sites Info

We have slots available for the Oxford Middle School Instructional Round on Wednesday, April 12 and Oxford High School on Thursday, April 13.

The Using Twitter Challenge

So, you want to be a Connected educator and active member of a PLN. How? Start SHARING your ideas, resources, etc. How? Use Twitter. I use twitter as a powerful educational sharing tool. I have found five ways in which I can use twitter as a powerful sharing tool. Below, I discuss each of these five ways as well as offer challenges with each one for you to do the same.

Building Leadership Capacity

I was blessed to serve as Head Football Coach and Athletic Director for 13 years after serving 5 years as an assistant football coach. I have always loved football and owe a lot to […]

Are You Considering Twitter?

In my personal opinion all educators can gain from having a social media presence and can specifically benefit from using Twitter. Why? Because of the ability educators have to use Twitter to gain access to a Professional Learning Network. I believe that Twitter's ability to enable Professional Learning Networks is where we find its true power and benefit to educators.

Student-Led Conferences – Read All About It

Oxford City Schools has set aside two dates for you and your child to visit your child's school to participate in our student-led conferences. The first date is November 3rd. On November 3rd, all Oxford City Schools will dismiss early for these conferences. Appointments for these conferences will be made in a joint effort between parents and school staff. I want to give you some specific information concerning student-led conferences at Oxford High School.

ALL means ALL

This past Friday night was Homecoming. This means reunions (we had the class of 1966 on campus and let me tell you that was a fun bunch), parades, and homecoming kings and queens. As far as Homecomings go, this past Friday night did not dissapoint.

Simple Solutions to Classroom Management

Easy seems to be everywhere. Staples has an easy button. Countless businesses on television offer easy payments. It seems that simple sells. When it comes to classroom management, I'm not buying it. I can't help but think back to the "So simple a caveman can do it" ads by Geico. Well, some things are not simple. They require a professional. Such is the case with classroom management.

Enhance Student Performance With Feedback – Podcast Episode 1

Are you looking for a way to enhance student achievement? Feedback is a powerful lesson delivery technique that can help improve student achievement. This podcast contains nine points that can help you use feedback appropriately.

Explicit Instruction Defined

This slide deck provides a quick resource that defines Explicit Instruction. This presentation includes a two minute video.
You can check out the video by clicking on the second slide.

CLICK here to check out more […]

Enhance Student Achievement With Feedback

Are you looking for a way to enhance student achievement? Feedback is a powerful tool for you to add to your arsenal to do just that. The use of feedback is proven to enhance student achievement. The effective use of feedback is the key to driving student success. Feedback itself can be either helpful or harmful. It all depends on how it is used. The appropriate use of feedback is the key. I have found nine points that can help you use feedback appropriately.

Strategies To Increase Student Engagement

In this edition of Ten Minute Clinic, we will take a closer look at an Explicit Instruction lesson delivery technique, Opportunities to Respond. We will specifically look at Partner Responses, which is an important lesson delivery technique that will help you reach your instructional goals of helping students to become increasingly respectful, responsible, resourceful, and highly engaged in instructional activities. Partner Responses can be especially helpful in the area of student engagement.

Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry

Learning From Leaders: 3 Thoughts From Tom Landry 
I love learning about leaders and leadership. A few years ago I served as an adjunct professor at Jacksonville State University and taught a Football Coaching Principles […]

Taking Your Lesson to the Next Level

A key skill that will take your lesson delivery to the next level is the use of Opportunities to Respond. There are oral (SPEAKING), written (WRITING), and action (SIGNALING) responses. In this post, we will discuss the types of opportunities to respond and the benefits and potential problems with each. We will take a look at how to effectively use OTR and ways in which this supports our instruction of reading specifically.

6 Steps to Excellent Lesson Planning

I am creating this content as a part of my journey to becoming a digital leader. I am also a big believer in collaboration and the many benefits that it provides educators and instructional […]

Reading Instruction: 2 Minute Drill Episode 1


In this episode of 2 Minute Drill, I will introduce a series on Explicit Reading Instruction. After defining Explicit Instruction, I will then introduce the Three key aspects of Explicit Instruction, which will be […]

3 Tools for Promoting Responsible Student Behavior

Do you ever wish there was more that you could do to help your students behave responsibly? I have been researching this topic for a little over two years and have found some useful […]

Three Things We Can Learn From T-Ball

Several years ago I had the opportunity to coach my son’s T-ball team. It was awesome. I remember one game in particular. We had just taken the field, and my son Hudson settled in […]

Five Ways to Leave the Game Better Than You Found It

Football taught me so many important life lessons, such as leaving things better than you found them. I will always remember what my coach would tell us after games, after the post game speech […]

Monitoring Academic Progress Over Time

School accountability is a hot topic these days and student performance is at the center of the discussion. As educators we are working on increasing student achievement, decreasing achievement gaps, and improving the effectiveness […]

Plan, Do, Study, Act: Thoughts on Implementation

“Enthusiasm is highest in those who are learning and achieving” is a quote I will always remember. It was written on the door of one of my high school classrooms. Years later, I returned […]

Using Depth of Knowledge to Build a Winning Game Plan

Have you ever wondered what is on the play sheet that Lane Kiffin has with him on the sidelines during the Alabama football games? I can tell you what he has on there. Touchdowns. […]

Classroom Management Solutions: Moving Beyond the Cliche

Have you ever been told about the "class from hell"? What about the "bad group"? Maybe the "kid who I think lives out of district and should not be going to school here anyway." I, like many, have been guilty of using these descriptions while explaining a challenging classroom management situation. I no longer use these tired, often inaccurate, and certainly too general expressions. This is because I was introduced to STOIC while learning about CHAMPS, a program of Safe and Civil Schools.